small sunshades

Ideal sunshades and advertising at the point of sale.
Perfect advertising for small budgets.

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large sunshades

Ideal sunshades for events and gastronomy.
Great advertising effect from far away.

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1 and more years of experience
1 and more delivered sunshades and umbrellas
1 and more square meters of advertising sun protection

Raymaster - we move brands

Since more than 20 years, we are your reliable partner for european companies in brand communication. Our profession are sunshades. Our sunshades are used for advertising messages and of corse they also reliably protect against bright light and heat.

We make your brand visible on both sides of the sunshade-textile /
double image in the truest sense of the word.

Already in the year of 1991 we introduced into the market sunshade textile with a double side visibility. This allowed our customers an better representation of their advertising message. In the year 1997, we were leading in the fire retarding protection of umbrellas and this with the highest standards.

For us means being innovative, also to do care about the sustainability of our products and fulfill since 2015 the REACH requirements. We are an active member of the German Gesamtverband der Werbeartikel-Wirtschaft e.V. (GWW) and its Code of Ethics.

The fabrics to success.

Raymaster Philosophie


Raymaster − we move forward

Our goal is the continuous improvement of our existing products as well as needed innovative features. Raymaster is on all levels continuously on the move for new developments. This is part of the benefit we offer you − to create high customer satisfaction through the best designed products.

We are quality conscious, innovative and reliable.

In order for our customers to have the highest visibly of their brands and messages to their customers, we print with the highest quality with regard to printing techniques and colors used. Our quality products are, on a high level, also weather and fading resistant. Consequently, we use the best known fabrics, colors and printing.

Raymaster Standorte und Produktion

Locations and production

Raymaster − we move quick

Our value chain, especially, the treatment of the fabric, the design center, the printing and the finally assembly are concentrated in central Europe. Whenever we can, we source in Europe and secure so the strict enforcement of environmental and legal requirements which is the base of our high quality.

You need. We produce.

Our in-house value chain allows us to answer all your specific requirements and this within a short time. Even small numbers of products can be efficiently produced through our own production. We also work closely with a certified German laboratory to secure our quality.

Europe is dear to us.

Raymaster Competence in textile

Competence in textile

Raymaster − we advise you well

Umbrellas are sold in great numbers. However, to find the correct shade for your specific needs is not easy. To cater to your specific requirements regarding size, colors, additional protection and look is our credo. Regardless, whether you primary search for an advertisement screen, a shade for a restaurant or public place or just a special umbrella, we master the technological specification and deliver directly according your needs.

It is a great pleasure for us, to offer you details of our shades and consult you directly.

We produce completely.

To master in-house the whole value chain of sunshades and umbrellas on a high level is our specific business model. We own this knowledge to produce shades in order to guarantee you:

  • a high printing ability
  • the use of a wide selection of fabrics
  • the optimal pretreatment of the garment
  • the quality of your print your message and
  • a high security in using your umbrella

If you want water resistance, cooling effects, fire retardation or other specific requirements, we have a solution for you.

Quality is no empty phrase for us.

Raymaster Competence in print

Competence in print

Raymaster − we make advertising visible

The key to advertisement is visibility and color and shape recognition − the message has to be seen. Umbrellas do fulfill this functions especially our brand since your message can be read on both sides, from the outside and from under the umbrella.

Let us surprise you with our high quality and long standing knowhow from the design to the longevity of our message carrier, a well designed and balanced umbrella.

Our competence in printing is convincing since years.

Questions? We will be happy to help you!